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Dünyanın En Çok Ziyaret Edilen 100 Sitesi

1. Genclik Dünyamiz
Personalized content and search options. Chatrooms, free e-mail, clubs, and pager.
www.genclikdunyamiz.tr.gg - Site Info

2. Microsoft Network (MSN)
Dialup access and content provider.
www.msn.com - Site Info

3. Google
Enables users to search the Web, Usenet, and images. Features include PageRank, caching and translation of results, and an option to find similar pages. The company's focus is developing search technology.
www.google.com - Site Info

4. YouTube
YouTube is a way to get your videos to the people who matter to you. Upload, tag and share your videos worldwide!
www.youtube.com - Site Info

5. Windows Live
Search engine from Microsoft.
www.live.com - Site Info

6. Myspace
Social Networking Site.
www.myspace.com - Site Info

7. Baidu.com
The leading Chinese language search engine, provides “simple and reliable� search experience, strong in Chinese language and multi-media content including MP3 music and movies, the first to offer WAP and PDA-based mobile search in China.
www.baidu.com - Site Info

8. Orkut
Social networking and discussion site operated by Google.
www.orkut.com - Site Info

9. Wikipedia
An online collaborative encyclopedia.
www.wikipedia.org - Site Info

10. 腾讯网(http://www.qq.com)
www.qq.com - Site Info

11. Yahoo!カテゴリ
www.yahoo.co.jp - Site Info

12. Microsoft Corporation
Main site for product information, support, and news.
www.microsoft.com - Site Info

13. Megaupload
Megaupload is a "leading website of the world" for transferring files easily, with complete security and free of charge.
www.megaupload.com - Site Info

14. 新浪新闻中心
www.sina.com.cn - Site Info

15. Hi5
Social networking site offering media sharing, affinity groups, and messaging.
www.hi5.com - Site Info

16. Blogger.com
Free, automated weblog publishing tool that sends updates to a site via FTP.
www.blogger.com - Site Info

17. Thefacebook
An online directory that connects people through social networks at colleges. FAQ, news coverage, schools covered, and terms of use.
www.facebook.com - Site Info

18. Rapidshare.com
www.rapidshare.com - Site Info

19. EBay
International person to person auction site, with products sorted into categories.
www.ebay.com - Site Info

20. Fotolog.com
Fotolog.com - a great online community of interconnected photo-weblogs. Make it easy for your friends and family to see what's up with you by putting your latest, greatest digital photos on the web in a daily journal format.
www.fotolog.net - Site Info

21. Friendster
Friendster is a leading global social network emphasizing genuine friendships and the discovery of new people through friends. Search for old friends and classmates, stay in better touch with friends, share photos and videos, and so much more.
www.friendster.com - Site Info

22. Sohu.com Inc.
Produces Chinese language Internet portal and internet communities. (Nasdaq: SOHU).
www.sohu.com - Site Info

23. 网易
www.163.com - Site Info

24. Google UK
The local version of this pre-eminent search engine, offering UK-specific pages as well as world results.
www.google.co.uk - Site Info

25. Почта@Mail.ru
Полнофункциональная почтовая система. Адресная книга, антивирус. Web-интерфейс, POP3 и WAP. Выбор из 4-х доменов.
www.mail.ru - Site Info

26. Google.fr
Version française, possibilité de limiter la recherche aux sites hébergés sur des serveurs situés en France.
www.google.fr - Site Info

27. Google
Versão brasileira do buscador Google.
www.google.com.br - Site Info

28. Google
Suche im gesamten Web, in deutschsprachigen sowie in deutschen Seiten. Zusätzlich ist eine Bildersuche, eine Newsarchiv-Suche (ehemals dejanews) sowie ein Katalog vorhanden.
www.google.de - Site Info

29. Passport.net
www.passport.net - Site Info

30. 淘宝网
www.taobao.com - Site Info

31. Amazon.com
Amazon.com seeks to be Earth's most customer-centric company, where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online, and endeavors to offer its customers the lowest possible prices. Site has numerous personalization features and services including one-click buying, extensive customer and editorial product reviews, gift registries, gift certificates, wish lists, restaurant and movie listings, travel, and photo processing.
www.amazon.com - Site Info

32. Skyblog
Outil de publication communautaire.
www.skyblog.com - Site Info

33. 雅虎中国
www.yahoo.com.cn - Site Info

34. Google Chile
Buscador que enfoca sus resultados para este país y a nivel internacional tanto en español como en inglés.
www.google.cl - Site Info

35. BBC Newsline Ticker
Headline ticker will automatically update throughout the day with the latest news, sport, travel, finance and weather from the BBC. Available for multiple OS platforms.
www.bbc.co.uk - Site Info

36. Google España
Buscador que enfoca sus resultados para este país y a nivel internacional tanto en castellano, catalán, gallego, euskara e inglés.
www.google.es - Site Info

37. Google.cn
www.google.cn - Site Info

38. Google Polska
Wyszukiwarka stron WWW, grafiki, grup dyskusyjnych, katalog tworzony na bazie ODP i wzbogacany przy użyciu własnej technologii Google.
www.google.pl - Site Info

39. The Internet Movie Database
Features plot summaries, reviews, cast lists, and theatre schedules.
www.imdb.com - Site Info

TOM ONLINE(http://www.tom.com)
www.tom.com - Site Info

41. Яndex
Поисковый сервер для русского сегмента Интернета, разработка компании CompTek.
www.yandex.ru - Site Info

42. 無名小站
Photo Album and Blog 網路相簿及網路日誌
www.wretch.cc - Site Info

43. Google 日本
www.google.co.jp - Site Info

44. Universo Online
Acesso à internet e serviços agregados.
www.uol.com.br - Site Info

45. Flickr
Picture galleries available with social networking, chat, groups, and photo ratings.
www.flickr.com - Site Info

46. Photobucket image hosting and photo sharing
Provides image hosting for auctions, live journals, blogs, message boards, personal websites and online photo albums. Reliable, fast and very simple to use.
www.photobucket.com - Site Info

47. Craigslist.org
www.craigslist.org - Site Info

48. Go
A searchable directory, news, stocks, sports and free e-mail.
www.go.com - Site Info

49. Onet.pl
Wiadomości z kraju i ze świata, baza danych firm i instytucji, ogłoszenia, pasaż handlowy, wyszukiwarka i katalog stron, czat, blog, randki, pogoda, konta e-mail i WWW, kartki pocztowe.
www.onet.pl - Site Info

50. ImageShack
ImageShack® is a free image hosting solution. It can be used to share pictures with friends, as well as post images on message boards and blogs. It can also be used to direct link images from your personal website or online auction. And best of all, it's completely free.
www.imageshack.us - Site Info

51. جوجل السعودية
محرك بحث جوجل مع خدمة تخصيص البحث في المواقع السعودية
www.google.com.sa - Site Info

52. Google.com.mx
www.google.com.mx - Site Info

53. AOL
America On Line's portal, offering search, shopping, channels, chat and mail.
www.aol.com - Site Info

54. Google Türkiye
Sade yapısıyla etkili sonuçlar veren arama motoru. Hesap makinesi, grafik arama, araç çubuğu gibi hizmetler sunmakta.
www.google.com.tr - Site Info

55. Dailymotion.com
www.dailymotion.com - Site Info

56. Allegro
Polski internetowy serwis aukcyjny.
www.allegro.pl - Site Info

57. Рамблер
Информационно поисковая система с учетом морфологии русского языка.
www.rambler.ru - Site Info

58. FC2
www.fc2.com - Site Info

59. Xunlei.com
www.xunlei.com - Site Info

60. EBay UK
Person to person online auction site where you can buy or sell new and used items.
www.ebay.co.uk - Site Info

61. Google.com.ar
www.google.com.ar - Site Info

62. Google.ca
www.google.ca - Site Info

63. Seznam
Informace a zprávy, vyhledávání a katalog odkazů, e-mail, webový prostor a chat.
www.seznam.cz - Site Info

64. Mixi
www.mixi.jp - Site Info

65. Free
Fournisseur d'accès ADSL et bas débit RTC. Propose la téléphonie et la télévision par ADSL (modem Freebox).
www.free.fr - Site Info

66. ImageVenue hosting
World s most popular free image hosting for bloggers and message board users.
www.imagevenue.com - Site Info

67. Google Perú
Buscador que enfoca sus resultados para este país y a nivel internacional tanto en español como en inglés.
www.google.com.pe - Site Info

68. Google
Versione italiana del popolare motore e directory. Utilizza inoltre i dati di ODP.
www.google.it - Site Info

69. Google India
Indian version of this popular search engine. Search the whole web or only webpages from India. Interfaces offered in English, Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi and Tamil.
www.google.co.in - Site Info

70. Terra
Acesso à internet e serviços agregados.
www.terra.com.br - Site Info

71. CNN - Cable News Network
Includes US and international stories and analysis, weather, video clips, and program schedule.
www.cnn.com - Site Info

72. LiveJournal.com
Opensource project. A service for creating and customizing a journal on the web. Download an executable tool to update your journal without being connected to the site. Additional features with paid account.
www.livejournal.com - Site Info

73. Skyrock
Actualité musicale, animateurs, salon de discussion et écoute en direct.
www.skyrock.com - Site Info

74. Ebay
Deutschsprachiger eBay-Marktplatz. Kaufen und Verkaufen zu Festpreisen und bei Onlineauktionen.
www.ebay.de - Site Info

75. Geocities
15 Mb with 3Gb monthly bandwidth limit. Banner or Pop-up ads on each page. Browser or FTP uploads. On-line editor. CGI scripts: counter and guestbook. URL: 'http://www.geocities.com/yoursite/'.
www.geocities.com - Site Info

76. Adult Friendfinder
Personal adverts with pictures and chat. [Membership]
www.adultfriendfinder.com - Site Info

77. Wirtualna Polska
Serwisy informacyjne i finansowe, katalog stron internetowych, poczta e-mail i strony WWW, czat, komunikator, randki, gry online, platforma e-commerce.
www.wp.pl - Site Info

78. Googlesyndication.com
www.googlesyndication.com - Site Info

79. Adobe
Provides a range of products for digtal media creation and editing, multimedia authoring, and web development. Site contains extensive documentation and support for all software.
www.adobe.com - Site Info

80. Google.co.ve
www.google.co.ve - Site Info

81. Bebo.com
Bebo, the next generation high school and college social network (like MySpace and Facebook), makes it easy for high school and college students to stay in touch with their friends, find long lost friends, and meet new people. Helpful and fun applications make it easy to remember birthdays, share photos, write blogs, read a friend’s blog, discover new interests, and just hang out. Bebo connects your brand with influencers and their circle of friends--you’ll reach a highly engaged audience w
www.bebo.com - Site Info

82. Xanga
Personal publishing. Free weblogs.
www.xanga.com - Site Info

83. Globo.com
www.globo.com - Site Info

84. Google Colombia
Buscador que enfoca sus resultados para este país y a nivel internacional tanto en español como en inglés.
www.google.com.co - Site Info

85. Google.com.eg
www.google.com.eg - Site Info

86. One.lt
Interneto paštas, logotipai, melodijos, priminimai, kalendorius.
www.one.lt - Site Info

87. Wordpress.com
www.wordpress.com - Site Info

88. 楽天市場
www.rakuten.co.jp - Site Info

89. 香港討論區 Uwants.com
www.uwants.com - Site Info

90. Sendspace.com
www.sendspace.com - Site Info

91. Apple Computer, Inc.
Apple's main homepage.
www.apple.com - Site Info

92. Google.com.vn
www.google.com.vn - Site Info

93. 香港討論區
www.discuss.com.hk - Site Info

94. DeviantArt Where Art Meets Application
An online community for art and skin lovers; those who create art and skins and those who adore it. A large collection of Skins, desktop wallpapers, IndyArt, textures, tutorials, poetry, forums and other deviations.
www.deviantart.com - Site Info

95. Digg
Technology focused news site where the stories are chosen by community members rather than editors.
www.digg.com - Site Info

96. Tagged
Tagged.com is one of the top social networking sites in the world.
www.tagged.com - Site Info

97. Livedoor
www.livedoor.com - Site Info

98. VnExpress
Thông tin hàng ngày ở Việt Nam và thế giới. Các chuyên mục khoa học, sức khoẻ, đời sống và giải trí.
www.vnexpress.net - Site Info

99. 东方财富网
www.eastmoney.com - Site Info

100. Soso搜搜
www.soso.com - Site Info
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